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Special Blood Components: an app for irradiated and CMV negative blood

Caring for patients who need irradated or CMV negative blood components can be challenging.

The Special Blood Components app aims to make it quick and easy to learn about, look up and test your knowledge of the indications for irradiated and cytomegalovirus (CMV) negative blood components. The app is available online at:

Informal consultation on the usefulness of the Manual

The Optimal Blood Use Manual is a resource for improving safety and effectiveness of the clinical transfusion process. We wanted to find out how the manual was used, if it was still useful and whether it needed to be revised or expanded. Contributors and other stakeholders of the EU Optimal Blood Use Manual project were contacted via email on the 21 May 2013. Instead of taking answers through an online survey, recipients were simply asked to answer three questions by replying to the email.